Polka Dots in Mens Fashion

Polka dot patterns have been in the fabric industry for more than 200 years. The brits were the first to start using this design. Beau Brummel woke polka dots in his attire. Beau Brummell was an iconic figure in¬†Regency England, the arbiter of men’s fashion. Some people even call him the inventor of suits for men.

When Polka Dots were introduced, Polish Polka music became really popular and although theres not really any real connection between the two the pattern got its name from there. In men’s fashion the Polka dot goes all the way back to the 18th century. Mainly used in accessories like bow ties and neckties. During the 60s polka dot fashion came right back into style and was really popular. No one really know what made the design thrive during this time but it could be seen everywhere, interior design, female fashion, male fashion etc etc

Polka dots for men look great on a tie. It just gives it that bold shout you need in your outfit! Wearing polka dot ties isn’t too hard. Combining different patterns in dress clothing is pretty easy actually. A necktie with small polka dots look very good with shirts that have a checkered pattern. Polka dot shirts look great right now too and are quite popular. Think about a burgandy shirt with small white polka dot pattern on it and black jeans with dress shoes.

Yous can be really creative with your use of polka dot but just remember you don’t want too much. Its meant to be used in a tiny amount. If you’re wearing an all black outfit the use of a polkadot tie could be great to give it a better vibe.


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